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PHOENIX4 LIVE ® – The easy to operate laser show software designed for disco laser and Live performance of your laser show at events where you like to use laser effects. We provide up to 680 pre programmed laser effects with our Phoenix Laser Software, so you can start immediately without any previous knowledge of laser tec. You can control any Kind of Showlaser with this Laser software, if you have an Gas laser,RGB Laser, YAG Laser,Blue Laser,Green Laser,CO2 Laser or DMX Laser, it works. It is needless to say that further, new effects can 
be programmed by the user at any time. All Laser effects, Scrolling texts, SMS-4-Lasers and interactive intervention possibilities for all movement axes can be controlled via the Touch screen, a Midi-Keyboard, a PC-Keyboard and/or by an external DMX-Controller. In addition, an automatic Sound-to-Laser function
eases the job of a disc jockey a lot.

With PHOENIX4 LIVE the laser software  you will have the following laser effects and control options available for your lasers.

Free choice of the color spectrum of your RGB or ILDA Laser, positioning of the output of your lasers in 3 Dimensions in the room you are performing the laser show.Change of speed, rotation and own running text messages (this option is useful for our SMS-4-Laser plugin) With the SMS-4-LASER option you can provide an sms text to laser option for the participians of your party. So the audience is interactive with the Lasers. The interactive laser software allows you to control all features via touchscreen Monitor. All dimensional corrections on all axis can be realized with this software. 

PHOENIX4 LIVE ® can control 8 independent lasers as well as 8x 512 DMX-channels and can be controlled by a maximum of 1x 512 DMX-in channels. If you would like to control more then 8 ILDA Lasers in your Laser show you can adapt easily an additional Live-USB-Interface. You can control several Lasers by building Laser pairs,which perform the same laser effects in via an effect bundle. But you cannot control e.g. 8 ILDA-Lasers separately with additional Laser Control Units. If you want to control more than 8 independent Lasers, choose PHOENIX Pro. We provide an 3D-Grafics-Editor incl. a BMP to ILDA Laser Converter to transfer created graphics, logos etc. to the ILDA Protokoll. Also several program designs make the program perfect. Optionally the tool „PHOENIX-Mobile“ can be obtained, which also allows you to control the Laser Show of PHOENIX4 LIVE ® with a regular Windows-Mobile 6.5- PDA via WLAN.

The PHOENIX4 LIVE Sets contains one USB-Dongel with the license information, one USB-LIVE Interface and one USB-cable. 


1 x LIVE-USB-Dongle with the license information of the Laser software you bought
1 x LIVE-USB-Interface to control several lasers
1 x Keychain Lenyard
1 x Quickstart Guide


LIVE-Software to control up to 8 x ILDA Lasers, RGB Lasers ore any other laser laser and 8 x 512 DMX-Units
Interaktive control on all axes at any time for the Laser beam
running text messages via SMS with Truetypefonts
SMS-4-Laser for several common handy
DMX512-in, DMX-out, Midi-in (By USB-Connection)
Several Sound-to-Laser (BPM) funktions


incl. LIVE-USB-Interface for control of the Lasers (ILDA) and DMX512-in / out (NOTE: Please purchase the optional available DMX-Adapter-Cable for using DMX-in / DMX-out)
USB-Dongel with License informations

For using DMX-In / Out you have to purchase the optional DMX-Adaptercable. Please remember by ordering.

Video Tutorials Free for PHOENIX LIVE (have a Look)

There is plenty of online Training available for free on the Internet. Use any of the following links.

Videos for PHOENIX 3 – The ultimative Laser Software

First Start PHOENIX 3
Difference between LIVE und PRO the Lasersoftware PHOENIX
How to Find the Dongle Nummer
Installation of the software
New Installation from the software
How to connect DMX Fixtures
Informations about Net Interface from PHOENIX

Other programs in PHOENIX 3 PE

Check the connected hardware for use with PHOENIX 3
How to use the PHOENIX Media Converter
How to remotecontrol the PHOENIX Showplayer by LAN


Introducion to PHOENIX Live Laser Software
Midicontroller Akai APC-40 in action
CURVE Windows with PHOENIX Live Laser Software
DMX-in and MIDI-in with PHOENIX Live Laser Software
Creating an Effect with the Laser Show Software PHOENIX LIVE
Playing an Lasershow with the Showcontroller Software PHOENIX LIVE
Change the Language in the Showcontroller Software PHOENIX LIVE

Phoenix also offers email support to all registered buyers.

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