RGB Firefly Laser Light

80mW  Green Laser + 100mW Red Laser + 300mW Blue Laser

Sound Active & DMX Control

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$438.80 (Price lowered!)


Model: LF-FS08


80mW  Green Laser + 300mW Blue Laser + 200mW Red Laser Firefly Laser Light. Laser Fanatics most recommended new Firefly laser light! With the ability to automatically run along with the music, this new laser light is perfect for beginners or small pubs and clubs. Compact size and very economic price makes it very easy to carry and to have your parties anywhere you want. The unit has enough output power to create stunning laser effects in small to medium-sized rooms. The preset blinking, scanning, rotating, play with red or green or combined lights controlled perfectly by DMX, dancing along with your music, creates an incredible experience almost as professional as from high end projectors.


  • Effects: RGB effects, moving head twinkling, moving head cluster, butterfly effects, like wave, tunnels, squares...
  • Sound active, AUTO, DMX512 (6/10/9 channels).
  • It can do all things like blanking, frequently flashing, rotating, moving & etc.
  • It is designed both for the safety and for its good performance. The laser light will automatically shut down with no music under "Sound Active" mode; with no signal under "DMX512" mode; no signal when it is "Slave" under "Master/Slave" mode (over ten slave units applicable). This laser light is safe to human body & to the environment.
  • It is perfect for DJs, Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Discos, KTVs, Bands, Stage, Party and for family pleasures.

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  • Diode Type: DPSS Laser Diodes
  • Color: RGB 3 colors: Red, Green & Blue
  • DPSS Weavelength: 532nm Green & 650nm Red & 450nm Blue
  • Laser Output Power: 200mW Red + 80mW Green + 300mW Blue (450nm)
  • Beam Divergence Angle: +/-30
  • Scanner: Micro-step Motor
  • Scanning Angle: +/-30
  • Control/Play Mode: Sound, Auto, DMX512 (6/10/9 Channels)
  • DMX Channel: 6/10/9 Channels
  • Laser Effect: RGB effects + moving head twinkling + moving head cluster + butterfly effects, like wave, tunnels, squares etc... effects
  • Cooling System: Cooling Fan
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Working Temperature: 10-40℃
  • Package Size: 320×280×180mm (L×W×H)
  • Gross Weight (including Packaging): 4KG
  • Dimension: 240×190×106mm (L×W×H) (measured without the bracket)
  • Net Weight: 2.6KG
  • Packaging: Firm Carton Box
  • Also in the Box: Power Cable, User's Manual, Warranty Card
  • Safety Standard Apply to: CE, ROHS
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Handling Time: immediately-3 days
  • Approx. Delivery Lead Time: DHL 3-7days